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Security forces arrest terror suspects in Jerusalem

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Security forces announced on Monday the arrest of several Palestinian residents of the Shuafat refugee camp, in north Jerusalem, on suspicion of a series of recent Molotov cocktail and rock throwing attacks.
The Shin Bet [Israel Security Agency], Israel Police, and Border Police jointly carried out the arrests in October and November, saying the men, some of whom are affiliated with Hamas, carried out daily attacks on police in their area and in the nearby Ras Hamis neighborhood.
Security forces said a sharp rise has occurred in recent months in these types of attacks, prompting an investigation.
The three main suspects, all linked to Hamas by the Shin Bet, have been named as Ahmed Tzanduka, 18, Muhammed Tzalah, 20, and Malac Mahisan, 20.
"The investigation showed that this cell carried out a long line of attacks, including fire-bombings and rock throwing at police, and an attack a Border Police post on September 14 with Molotov cocktails, rocks, and fireworks, when it was manned by a single officer.
The suspects have been charged with manufacturing weapons, aggravated assault, arson, aggravated assault on police and disorder.
The Shin Bet vowed to continue its efforts to thwart violent disorder in the Jerusalem area.
Hamas is seeking to gradually regroup in the West Bank, according to IDF assessments. Hamas\’s efforts are being thwarted by the IDF and the Shin Bet, which maintain a tight grip on intelligence and security in the area.
Last week, Maj. Guy Aviad, an expert on Hamas and head of the instruction department at the IDF General Staff\’s History Department, said that while Hamas is trying to rebuild terror cells in the West Bank, in Gaza it is constructing an organized fighting entity.

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