Inicio NOTICIAS UN. AMIA´s president denied the clash with the Argentinean government and urged Cristina Fernandez to ratify the request to bring the suspected Iranian to justice

UN. AMIA´s president denied the clash with the Argentinean government and urged Cristina Fernandez to ratify the request to bring the suspected Iranian to justice

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 AMIA´s president, Guillermo Borger, from Argentina, denied yesterday the existence of a clash with the Argentinean government and urged president Cristina Fernandez to ratify at the next United Nation´s General Assembly the request to bring the suspected Iranian citizens of having participated in AMIA bombing to justice.

“We understand that we must not confront with anyone, much less with the authorities that nowadays have the privilege and obligation of conducting the faith of the country, respectable officials, and the President that deserves all the respect”, Borger said.
He added: “I wish we can clarify this bombing that has 18 years without justice, without anyone arrested, what is a lot of time. That´s why we ask once again, with all the respect, to bring this message to the United Nations”.
He also outlined that AMIA´s authorities does not judge the officials in general and said that the community institution “articulates in a positive way with the National Government” through the social welfare department with the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Labor in the job web”.
“We don´t want confrontations, we are victims of the terrorism, that´s why we are angry and in pain”, he said
Borger didn\’t reject the possibility of going to the next UN´s General Assembly with the Argentinean president. “As AMIA´s cause complainants we don´t delegate the plaint to anyone. If we have an invitation we will be joining Argentina, although we must discuss it with the directive commission where we will try to reach an agreement”, he said. 
Borger asked the officials once again to leave the UN during Ahmadinejad´s speech: “We don´t have anything against other countries, we don´t want more dead, we don´t want terrorism. We understand that we must not accompany someone who has a death and terror speech”. He therefore added that this request was for all the world. 
He said that he expected that the Argentinean officials “analyze” this possibility and leave the Iranian president alone: “We don´t know the government strategies, but I ask them to analyze this”.
Besides this, Borger showed himself grateful for what ex president Nestor Kirchner did in the past when he achieved the approval of the international INTERPOL request against the Iranian suspected of having participated in the AMIA bombing as well as what was done by Fernandez when she ratified her request of the Iranian presentation to the Argentinean justice in other UN sessions.
Borger said these after the ceremony of commemoration for the 11/s Twin Tower victims yesterday in AMIA, Buenos Aires. “Unfortunately, when we honor 3.000 victims we leave a part of us. When we talk of international terrorism we have to take this attack not as something symbolic but as the worst attack. Many countries, approximately 17, suffered and suffer the terrorism consequences”, he said.

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