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Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press – September 11th, 2012

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 Yediot Aharonot comments on yesterday\’s story in The New Yorker, How Israel Secretly Bombed a Suspected Syrian Nuclear Facility, and says: "Either way, it is clear that Israel was blessed with good luck. According to the reports, and it doesn\’t matter which version of the story is correct, it was revealed to the Mossad, and through them to the county\’s leadership, that for a long time North Korean scientists and engineers had been building a nuclear reactor at Dir Azor."

Ma\’ariv remarks that "There is no need to boycott private manufacturers who raise prices. Ultimately, the cost of living depends more on the Government than on a private company. Gasoline is expensive due to the excise tax, electricity because of the [workers\’] committee, there is no supervision over basic staples and all prices are higher due to VAT. The reason for the uncompetitive markets is also due to Government inactivity in making them such. But the Government is not listening, and if it pretends that it does, it does not change a thing at the foundation. It has a lot of ministers to support, a coalition that has to live and a corrupt mechanism that must be maintained. And someone has to pay for all of this, if you haven\’t noticed. So with whom should you really be upset?"
Yisrael Hayom says that "From time to time a ray of wisdom shines on the economic doings of the state. And so it was of late in a proposal by the institutional bodies to the managers of companies that are unable to pay their debts, to lower their salaries to the level of NIS 50,000 (which in itself is quite a salary)." The author contends that "There is a serious moral problem in the economy. Giant companies, incapable of fully paying their debts, know very well how to pay out exorbitant salary benefits to managers and owners. Something is wrong here and does not meet the test of logic or the test of integrity. And in the business sector, both logic and integrity hold a degree of importance, even when everything is done legally."
Haaretz terms the handling of the group of Eritrean migrants who trekked through Sinai in an attempt to find work in Israel “inhumane,” and asserts that the government’s behavior “goes against international treaties to which Israel is a signatory.”  In conclusion, the editor asserts that “After sending away 18 Eritrean migrants at its southern border fence, Israel can and must take up the position that these refugees deserve protection.”
The Jerusalem Post discusses the issue of the displacement of Jewish populations from Arab countries at the time of the War of Independence in 1948, and notes that “the nightmare of dispossession is not unique to the Palestinians.” The editor believes that the time has come to raise awareness to the plight of Jewish refugees, and maintains that “Only when the Palestinian people acknowledge their own and the Arab nations’ complicity in their own displacement, as well as the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees, will true, lasting peace be attainable.”
[Ronen Bergman, Lilach Sigan and Uriel Lynn wrote today’s articles in Yediot Aharonot, Ma\’ariv and Yisrael Hayom, respectively.]

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