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Israel\’s Olympic coin gets the gold

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Israel\’s Olympic team may not have brought home the gold silver or bronze from London but it would seem that when it comes to making the medals themselves Israel is a real winner.

A commemorative two shekel coin issued by the Bank of Israel to mark the Israeli team\’s participation in the London Olympics won first prize in the Vicenza Numismatica international coin competition for the \’most beautiful coin issued in 2011\’ category.

Judges at the international competition for coins, medals and bills convened on July 11 and selected the winning coins in three separate categories from among the 42 coins submitted by 12 mints.

The selection was made by the numismatics experts from Italy and the world.

Discussing their selection the judges noted the "harmony and elegant combination" of the image of the gymnast with the ribbon in the shape of a Star of David as well as the "harmony between the obverse currency side and the thematic reverse side of the coin."

The competition organizers congratulated the Bank of Israel and the coin\’s designer David Harel from Jerusalem on the win.

Incidentally, even though the coin was designed before the Olympic Games began, one of Israel\’s top achievements at the games was in the field of Gymnastics: Neta Rivkin finished in seventh place in the individual all-around rhythmic gymnastics finals.

The winning coin is one of three in a series minted to mark the Israeli team\’s participation in the Olympic Games. Both the Athens and Beijing games were commemorated in a similar way. The Athens coin featured a wind surfer and the Beijing Games featured a Judoka.

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