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Brazil Jews sue media outlet for article blaming ‘Zionists’ for president’s ouster

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 The Rio Jewish federation filed a criminal suit against a far-left news service for publishing an antisemitic article blaming Jews for the suspension of President Dilma Rousseff last month.

The article in Vermelho alleged that Israel is through its proxies in charge of what he considers the country’s three most important sectors, defense, intelligence and central bank, and was involved in her suspension.

Brazil’s Senate voted in May to impeach Rousseff for allegations that she illegally manipulated fiscal accounts.

“We won’t allow that isolated people or political parties or media outlets that distribute paid or non-paid news to denigrate the image of the Jewish people,” said Paulo Maltz, the Rio Jewish federation’s president. The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday.

The article, titled “The fingers of Israel and the United States in the coup”, (Os dedos de Israel e dos Estados Unidos no golpe) claimed to list Jews who would lead various government areas, describing them as “Israel’s Zionists.” However, two of the figures named in the article are Christian. Only Ilan Goldfajn, the third official named in the article, is Jewish. Tapped by newly appointed president Michel Temer, Israeli-born Goldfajn is the new head of Brazil’s Central Bank.

Vermelho calls itself a non-profit news portal in partnership with the Communist Party of Brazil, known as PCdoB. The article has also drawn harsh reaction from non-Jewish groups.

After the O Globo newspaper’s columnist Anselmo Gois wrote of the article that “It looks like racism, and it is,” the article was removed from the Vermelho news portal. However, Jewish newspaper Alef News distributed the original text to thousands of readers, with commentary.

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