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European leader to Rivlin: lasting Mideast peace is a top priority for EU

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Lasting Mideast peace is one of the European Union’s top priorities, Donald Tusk, the President of the Council of Europe told President Reuven Rivlin on Tuesday.

The meeting between the two followed by a round table discussion, which Tusk described as “stimulating” took place amid growing speculation both in Israel and Europe as to whether Rivlin will meet in Brussels or Strasbourg with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas while both are scheduled to address the European Parliament – Rivlin on Wednesday, and Abbas on Thursday.

Interviewed on the possibility by Army Radio on Tuesday morning, David Saranga, who is Rivlin’s Foreign Affairs advisor, said that European overtures relating to the possibility of such a meeting had been made to Rivlin but nothing had been finalized.

When approached, Rivlin had responded that he was willing to meet Abbas “anywhere at any time,” but stipulated that a more significant meeting would be one between Abbas and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, because such a meeting will eventually lead the two sides towards peace.

Fighting terror and achieving peace in the region were the focal points of the round table discussion in addition to which both Tusk and Rivlin stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation at all levels between the EU and Israel.

The EU’s best developed relations in the region are with Israel said Tusk.

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