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‘Palestinians must learn to properly condemn terrorist attacks’

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Itongadol.- Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz (Likud) said he was shocked by the hateful massacre against the LGBTQ community in Florida. “Our hearts are with the American people who must deal with radical Islamic terrorism that not only threatens them and Israel, but the entire Western civilization.”

He called on the Palestinians to learn how to condemn terrorist attacks. “I heard some of the condemnations by Islamic community leaders in the United States. They strongly condemned the terrible hatred and murder and prayed for the souls of the victims and the healing of injured.”

“[Mahmoud] Abbas must watch and learn what it is for Arabs and Muslims to properly condemn terrorist attack and hatred,” said Steinitz, referring to the gleeful Palestinian response following the Wednesday shooting attack in Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market which claimed the lives of four.

“It turns out that unlike Abbas, there are Arabs and Muslims who condemn attacks, who know that terrorism is terrorism and murder is murder,” he said, calling the Palestinians Authority Chairman’s condemnation “shabby, pathetic and meaningless.”

"I\’m not going to argue with anyone on why the US president refrained from defining the attack as an action of radical Islam. Our hearts are with the United States, the President and the American people.”

Housing and Construction Minister Yoav Galant (Kulanu) spoke of the challenges that the leaders of the free world face in the war against terrorism. “Weapons, cameras and social networks are tools being used for terror in America and Europe.”

“Unfortunately, this is something we are all too familiar with and I think international cooperation with Israel will play an important and necessity role to eradicate this plague,” said Galant.

Galant further said that he treats the Americans with great respect and appreciation in their ability, strength and determination to fight terrorist. "And on this note, we bow our heads in mourning and participate in the American grieving.”

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