Inicio NOTICIAS For the first time a prime minister of Israel Natanyahu will visit Argentina

For the first time a prime minister of Israel Natanyahu will visit Argentina

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AJN.- For the first time an Israeli Prime Minister will visit Argentina. Although the date has not yet been defined Benjamin Netanyahu will visit the country, as confirmed by the Prime Minister himself in a meeting he held with Daniel Berliner, head of the Jewish News Agency (AJN) in Jerusalem.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister stressed the good relations that have arisen between Israel and Argentina recently, since the last changes, and especially since his meeting with President Mauricio Macri in Davos last January.

Israeli Foreign Ministry sources told AJN that are defining the date of travel, which could be this year or next March for the anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires.

"My visit to Argentina is a continuation of that first meeting with Macri in Davos to strengthen the good relations between the two countries, which are very important for Israel," Netanyahu told the agency. "This trip will become another sign of rapprochement," he said and expressed hope Macri will also travel to Israel. This would add to the recent visit of Secretary of Security, Eugenio Burzaco, as a further demonstration of cooperation.

Netanyahu showed interest in learning more about developments of the causes for the AMIA bombing and the death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman, of which, according to the agency- has direct and deep knowledge. Berliner brought him a letter from Sara Garfunkel and Sandra Nisman, mother and sister of the prosecutor, respectively. Both highlighted the affection and recognition to the prosecutor they received from Israel and expressed hope that "this death will not remain unsolved as many other political killings that have occurred in Argentina".

Berliner also delivered a letter from prosecutor Ricardo Saenz. "As a prosecutor and vice president of the association that gathers in my country judges and prosecutors I pledge to you, your government and the people of Israel that we will not desist from the investigation of this murder and from trying that those responsible for this crime will receive the deserved punishment” he wrote. Netanyahu promised to answer the letters personally.

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