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Bennett says another disengagement possible

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Itongadol.- Education Minister Naftali Bennett warned Monday that the danger of Israel withdrawing from territory still exists under the stewardship of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Speaking at a conference marking a decade since Israel’s disengagement from the Gaza Strip, Bennett upbraided Israel’s media and judicial elites for facilitating the disengagement while laying the groundwork for additional withdrawals in the future.

“Today we are located in the danger zone of an additional disengagement,” Bennett said, noting that Netanyahu’s Likud party was at the country’s helm during the withdrawal (under the late Ariel Sharon), and could repeat it in the future.

“It can happen again if we let go of the nation’s steering wheel. We have to take charge of the situation before it takes charge of us,” Bennett said.
In 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank, evacuating nearly 9,000 Jewish residents from their homes and effectively
transferring control of the land to the Palestinians.

Rallying his national-religious voter base, Bennett said his party was instituting changes to shake up the composition of Israel’s decision-making echelons.

“Today we are [undertaking] a process [of change], so that Israel’s judicial system will no longer reflect a small minority that lives in a [particular] neighborhood of Jerusalem — but everybody, and the appointment of a justice minister from within our ranks is a step in that direction,” he said, referring to Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, who hails from Bennett’s Jewish Home party.

“The disengagement threw good, normal people out of their homes, and [all the while], Israel’s judicial system stopped busloads full of demonstrators on their way to protest, in a bid to silence them. [Israel’s] judicial system makes a mockery of human rights!” Bennett said.

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