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Report: Sudan shoots down Israeli drone

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Itongadol.- Following reports of explosions and a military attack in Sudan early Wednesday morning, Arab media cited the Sudanese army as saying it shot down an Israeli drone in the Valley of the Prophet area north of the capital Khartoum. 

A spokesman for the Sudanese army denied reports that a target was hit, adding that the military identified a suspicious object in its airspace and intercepted it.  
Colonel Alsoarmi Khaled Saad told Sky News in Arabic that army anti-aircraft defense missile systems intercepted a "flying object similar in appearance to a plane or a missile," in Omdurman.  
Before dawn on Wednesday, Arab media said explosions heard in Khartoum were caused by an attack which was carried out by a "foreign entity."  
The IDF did not comment on the report.
Israel has in years past reportedly struck targets in Sudan, which military officials say has been used as a way station for arms sent by Iran and destined for the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.
Jerusalem has accused the Sudanese government of storing long range missiles for Hamas. 

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