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Netanyahu at opening Knesset session: More needs to be done to fight racism in Israel

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 Marking Herzl Day, PM says Herzl clearly saw threat of anti-Semitism and suggested a solution, a Jewish state.

More attention and more resources must be diverted to helping Ethiopian-Israelis integrate, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday.

Speaking during the Knesset\’s commemoration of Herzl Day in the plenum, the prime minister called to ensure unity among all parts of Israeli society.

"We must fight racism and discrimination in every way and on every platform," he said.

Netanyahu recounted hearing from young people who don\’t leave their home because they are afraid of police, and promised to take care of it. He also said he spoke to a mother who said her five children feel trapped by the color of their skin, and young adults who said they don\’t understand why they face racism after serving and fighting for their country.

"We will stop violence by police officers against members of the [Ethiopian-Israeli] community and fight with all our might against racism and discrimination," he added.

When an MK in the plenum shouted "What changed?" Netanyahu responded that "sometimes things are changed slowly, step by step, and sometimes there\’s a crisis that serves as a warning light that shows there\’s a big problem."

"The events of recent days teach us that there is a much deeper problem that requires more attention and resources. We must understand that Israelis of Ethiopian descent are Israelis in every way," Netanyahu stated.

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