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Statistics: Israelis Feel Secure, But Don\’t Trust Police

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 The majority of Israelis feel comfortable walking alone at night, but do not trust – or are dissatisfied with – police.

Approximately 714,000 Israelis aged 20 and over were victims of crimes in 2014, according to a survey conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) for the Public Security Ministry – or some 13.8% of Israelis total.

The most common crimes were virtual, through the Internet or through mobile networks, the survey found – 5.8% of 7,000 respondents, equivalent to 297,000 of the general population.

The survey asked whether respondents had reported the crime to police. Those responding were asked about the degree of satisfaction with police handling of the case, and those who reported they were asked about the reason for reporting.

The survey found that about 60% of theft victims, 56% of domestic or other violence victims, 91% of victims of various online crimes, and 98% of sexual harassment victims did not report the crime to police .

69% of violence victims who did report the crime are unhappy with police handling of the case, along with 61% of theft victims and 59% of online crime victims.

Despite this, 73% said they feel secure enough to walk alone in their neighborhood after dark.

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