Inicio NOTICIAS Ya\’alon meets with India\’s PM Modi during \’historic visit to rising power\’

Ya\’alon meets with India\’s PM Modi during \’historic visit to rising power\’

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Defense Minister Moshe Ya\’alon met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday in New Dehli, where the two discussed ways to strengthen bilateral ties and Indian-Israeli cooperation on regional and global issues.

Ya\’alon told his host that he viewed his visit as "a historic and highly significant event, which forms an additional layer in the strengthening of ties between India and Israel, and particularly between their defense establishments."

Ya\’alon said he saw no end in sight to the unprecedented instability rocking the Middle East. He said Iran is the most significant element in this instability, adding that the Islamic Republic is "involved in every conflict in the area, and employs relentless terrorism, including against Israel. It spreads terrorism around the world."

"This is why we warn time and again against a bad agreement that will be signed with Iran and turn it into a nuclear breakout state, with all of the entailed dangerous implications."

Israel views India as an important and rising power, the defense minister added. "Ties and cooperation between the defense establishments are deep. I\’ve instructed my people to broaden the cooperation. We look forward to continuing to exchange data, transferring technologies, manufacturing in India, and joint work," Ya\’alon said.

"Terrorism has become a global problem. It is no longer in the Middle East, but has spread to Europe, South America, Africa, and the East," Ya\’alon said. "Global jihadist terrorists return to their countries after fighting in the Middle East with a lot of knowledge and motivation, brainwashed by religious ideology. This fact obligates all of the free world\’s countries to unit against this terrorism and fight it," he added.

Israeli defense companies showcased a range of cutting-edge products at the Aero India 2015 exhibition in Bangalore on Wednesday.

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