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Israel to rally for kidnapped teens

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 Itongadol.-A mass rally under the title “Singing Together for their Return” that is to be held on Sunday at 7:30 pm at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv will attempt to recapture public interest in the fate of Eyal Yifrach, Gil-Ad Shaer and Naftali Frenkel, the three teenagers who were kidnapped two weeks ago in Gush Etzion.

This is the first event organized by the "Bring Back Our Boys" Campaign – that coordinates with the families, but is not sanctioned by them.
Well-known singers will perform at the rally, among them Miri Mesika, Rami Kleinstein, Svika Pick and Lior Narkis.
“The rally expresses concretely what everyone here in Israel feels,” said Avi Frenkel, father to Naftali, who remarked on the national “unity of fate and a very basic feeling of mutuality. Many people wanted to come here and we barely have time to see them, we barely have time for ourselves, and it’s an opportunity for us to do something with everybody.
“I have no idea how many people will arrive tonight, many feel connected to the matter and I hope that will be expressed.”
Frenkel added that he wishes to tell the people of Israel to “continue doing the good work that each person is doing – the public in its solidarity, the policymakers in their decision making and the IDF and the soldiers in their activities.”
According to a statement issued by the Shin Bet, Amar Abu-Eisha and Marwan Kawasmeh Palestinian terrorists who previously served time in Israeli prisons, are the two main suspects in the abduction of the three teens two weeks ago.
The IDF is conducting an unprecedented manhunt operation – dubbed Operation Brother\’s Keeper – in the West Bank since the three went missing, but there have still been no signs of life from the three.
“I feel Gil-Ad’s absence everywhere. It’s very difficult for us to move on because everything is still fresh,” explained Shmuel Shai-Cohen, Gil-Ad’s grandfather.
“When we see other things on the news, like the recent fire and the World Cup, it seems odd to us, but we understand it. On the one hand we feel angry, but logic tells us that it’s understandable and that the people of Israel are trying to get back to normal.
"For us, as long as the children don’t come home, everything else is second priority,” he added.
According to him, “the internal politics have almost been forgotten. MK’s from the left and right visited us and these are great moments. If there is something positive that can be taken from the abduction it’s the unity and consensus that surrounds the boys.
"So far, we have no criticism of the military and we are filled with appreciation for the security and political sources. The unity around this issue conveys solidarity and gives the family strength.
"The purpose of the event," Shai-Cohen explained, "is to give spiritual strength and to express the unity of the nation. “

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