Inicio NOTICIAS Summary of editorials from the Hebrew press – April 10th, 2014

Summary of editorials from the Hebrew press – April 10th, 2014

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 Itongadol.- Two papers discuss the issue of \’Price-Tag\’ incidents in light of the recent incidents at Yitzhar:

Yediot Aharonot says that "Those who, for years, ignored \’Price-Tag\’ actions against Arabs should not be surprised that these same Kahanist movement mutants are also attacking the security forces," and adds: "And those who, today, are prepared to absorb assaults on IDF, Border Police and Civil Administration soldiers in the territories should not be surprised if this dark wave of \’Price Tag\’ attacks hits Jews inside the Green Line. But then it will be too late." The author believes that "Yitzhar is a show of force, a watershed in relations between the State of Israel and the anarchist groups that live and operate unhindered in the West Bank," and warns that "The IDF\’s failure to carry out an operation to restore its deterrent ability and sovereignty on the ground will not only expand the circle of Jewish anarchists, but will also affect the IDF\’s deterrent ability vis-à-vis the Palestinians." The paper suggests that if such an event as occurred at Yitzhar, "would have happened in an Arab village, the IDF would go in, go house to house, search for illegal war materiel and try to arrest the rioters. It would also carry out administrative detentions if need be," and dismisses such steps as have been taken up to now vis-à-vis Yitzhar as, "nothing." The author calls for, "the stationing of Border Police units in problematic communities on order to make it clear to those who may have forgotten who is in charge. At the same time, people who support – and serve as spiritual leaders to – the anarchist groups must be dealt with, by administrative detention if need be. This is the only way it will be possible to change the equation between the IDF as sovereign and the anarchists who do not take it into account."

Yisrael Hayom declares: "Those who puncture the tires of the vehicle belonging to the one who is responsible for defending the lives of the vandals themselves are like people who bite the hand that feeds them and, therefore, do not deserve to live there," and adds: "Those who destroy the tents of reservists who have left their families in order to guard them must be expelled from the community," because "He gives a bad name to those who love the Land of Israel and endangers the entire [settlement] enterprise."


The Jerusalem Post discusses the two-day wildcat strike at Ashdod Port this week, which was prompted by the government’s anti-nepotism drive, and asserts that “The malaise at Ashdod is endemic and facilitates illicit control by a succession of strongmen who assume they can abuse the citizenry ad infinitum.” The editor hopes that “the government will persist in its project to smash union monopolies by building private wharfs adjacent to existing ports, and concludes: “Massive amounts of taxpayer cash have been lavished on Ashdod Port. It is time its employees understand that this is not their money but ours.”

Haaretz comments on the breakdown of talks with the Palestinians, and asserts: “Kerry told the simple truth.” The editor declares: “Throughout the negotiations, Prime Minister Netanyahu has been busy spreading fog around his intentions and inventing spin tactics aimed at avoiding any significant decision,” and adds: “The Israeli public deserves a government that is candid with it and admits clearly that it has no desire for a peace agreement, and that its main motivation is to continue developing the West Bank settlements.” The editor believes once the government admits that, Israelis will be able to choose which kind of state they want to live in and which vision of a state they want to vote for, either “a democratic state that respects the rule of law and human rights and sees international relations as a vital asset, or of a messianic, separatist state with features of an apartheid regime, in which a privileged Jewish pop ulation rules over millions of Palestinians.”

[Alex Fishman and Dror Eydar wrote today\’s articles in Yediot Aharonot and Yisrael Hayom, respectively. There was no print edition of Ma\’ariv today.]

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