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Palestinian UN envoy: Boycott \’illegal\’ Israeli settlements

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 Itongadol.- Riyad Mansour calls for boycott, promises additional unilateral actions should Israel retaliate, but claims Palestinians ready to continue talks.

The Palestinian UN envoy is urging the world to boycott products from "illegal" Israeli settlements as part of a stepped up campaign to help Palestine become independent.

Riyad Mansour told a UN meeting Tuesday that the Palestinians are ready to resume US-mediated peace talks with Israel, which appeared in recent days to be headed for collapse.

But he warned that if the Israelis aren\’t prepared to negotiate "in good faith," the Palestinians will be forced "to move into the next stage of holding them accountable for all of their illegal behavior in all fronts, politically, diplomatically and legally."

Mansour said Palestine will officially become a party to 15 international conventions it has applied to join on May 3 – and is ready with more applications, depending on Israel\’s actions.

Mansour also said on Tuesday that the Palestinians were prepared to join more international groups if Israel retaliated. As a UN non-member state, Palestinians can join 63 international agencies and accords.

"If they want to escalate further and try to illegally punish us for doing something legal, we are ready and willing to send the second barrage, the third barrage and more of what legally we could do," Mansour told the UN Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.

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