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Comptroller: Nearly 900,000 Israelis facing malnutrition

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 Itongadol/AJN.- State Comptroller\’s poverty report reveals bleak image of rampant hunger among Israel\’s poor, places blame on government inaction.

The State Comptroller\’s poverty report revealed that 894,000 Israelis, of them 306,000 children, go for as long as an entire day without food, or are forced cut down the size of their meals because they can\’t afford basic food products.

The grim report was released Monday and placed the blame on one main culprit – the Israeli government.

"A society that caters to the poorest and neediest not only improves its sense of dignity and rights – but also its image," said Comptroller Yosef Shapira.

"The heart breaks when you read about a family with children whose refrigerator is empty, or about a family who hasn\’t bought fruits and vegetables because of financial difficulties. The responsibility for the lack of food security falls on the government that left the treatment of this problem in the hands of charity organizations. Poverty is not the result of fate."

Lack of food security is defined as the inability to consume food regularly in order to acquire all the nutrients required for healthy development.

Although low food security is not considered a life-threatening condition, it can have negative affects on mental and physical health. Therefore it is considered to perpetuate a cycle of poverty.

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