Inicio NOTICIAS Vandals slash tires of 40 cars in hate crime in northern Israel

Vandals slash tires of 40 cars in hate crime in northern Israel

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 Itongadol.- The tires of 40 cars were punctured and anti-Arab graffiti was sprayed in an Arab town in northern Israel overnight Thursday.

The vandalism took place in the town of Jish, near Safed, where in addition to the punctured tires, the assailants sprayed racist graffiti reading: "Only goys [non-Jews] can be driven out of our land." Police have launched an investigation.
Dr. Mustafa Abbasi, a resident of Jish and a lecturer in the Tel-Hai Academic College, woke up Thursday morning to find his and his wife\’s car tires slashed. "I\’m deeply offended and very fearful for the continued relationship between the two people cohabiting in this land," Abbasi told Haaretz and added that he believes the vandals feel beyond of the law\’s reach, and therefore keep attacking Arab citizens.
According to him, this is the first time such an incident occurred in Jish, but noted that similar hate crimes happened in the Galilee villages of Akbara and Tuba-Zangariyye. Abbasi added that Jish has enjoyed good relations with its neighboring Jewish communities. "Nothing happened that could explain why they targeted us tonight," he said.  
Zuzu Zahara, a farmer whose car tires were slashed, said that "it\’s not about the financial damage, it\’s about the humiliation. This is a mark of shame for the State of Israel."
Council head Alias Alias said it is a sad day. "I\’m angry with the security services who don\’t arrest the vandals. It happens time after time. It\’s the state\’s job to catch them. We\’re a good community that integrated well with our neighbors; we\’ve never had any disputes. I demand the state compensate those damaged."
On Monday, a number of vandals spray-painted anti-American and anti-Christian slogans on the walls of a monastery and slashed the tires of four cars near Beit Shemesh in the Jerusalem area.
Among the slogans written on the monastery walls were: "America is Nazi Germany," "Price tag," "Jesus is a monkey," and "Mary is a cow."
Last week, the tires of 34 cars were slashed in the Beit Hanina neighborhood of northern Jerusalem. The anonymous perpetrators also spray-painted the message “Goyim in Israel = Enemies” on a bus in the neighborhood.
On March 11, 19 cars were vandalized in the Israeli Arab town of Jaljulya, near Kfar Saba. Residents of the neighborhood found several cars with tires slashed and some of them had graffiti on them with the words "God is king."
Police who arrived on the scene also found graffiti on a wall that said "All Arabs are criminals."

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