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Obama: Israel security depends on Palestinian state

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 Itongadol.- US President Barack Obama addressed the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, discussing economic and diplomatic issues in the world.

In referring to conflicts around the world, including recent events in Kenya, Syria, Egypt and Pakistan, Obama noted that Israel\’s security was dependent on the existence of a Palestinian state.

He added that his country is determined to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, that there is a consensus within Israel that the occupation harms Israeli interests, and that Americans are committed to both the Israeli interests and to the idea that the Palestinians deserve their own state.

Obama stated that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas agreed to return to the negotiations table and that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to release prisoners, and now borders and other issues are being discussed.

Referencing wider conflicts around the world, Obama said of Syria: "Nowhere have we seen these trends more powerfully than in Syria," discussing the fact the international community must enforce the ban on chemical weapon.

He further noted that the global consensus against the use of chemical weapons had been strengthened by memories of "soldiers suffering in trenches, Jews slaughtered in gas chambers, Iranians poisoned in the many tens of thousands."

The US president nonetheless stated he preferred a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Syria, saying the "UN Security Council must approve strong resolution to ensure Syria is keeping chemical weapons commitments."

Obama reiterated his demand that Syrian President Bashar Assad cannot continue to lead Syria, but said he would not use US military force to depose him.

"That is for the Syrian people to decide," he said. "Nevertheless, a leader who slaughtered his citizens and gassed children to death cannot regain the legitimacy to lead a badly fractured country."

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