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Peres: I trust Obama´s judgment on Syria

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 Itongadol.- President Shimon Peres said Monday that he trusts U.S. President Barack Obama\’s judgment in regards to the crisis in Syria.

In an interview with Army Radio, Peres said that he didn\’t view the delay of the attack on Syria as a "hesitation" by Obama but rather an act of good judgment. "In all matters concerning Israel, I trust him," he said.
"It is better to consider actions before they are taken rather than after," Peres told Army Radio. "President Obama has impressive accomplishments, and I don\’t think he is hesitating – after all he saved the American economy."
Peres said that Syria has changed irreparably and that it will never return to the state it has been before the civil war. "Assad will not be able to unite it after the war. There are three or four different Syrias each under different rule. No one will be able to unite them, unless under the auspices of the Arab League."
Obama on Saturday backed away from an imminent military strike against Syria to seek the approval of the U.S. Congress, in a decision that likely delays U.S. action for at least 10 days.
Obama, in a statement from the White House Rose Garden, said he had authorized the use of military force to punish Syria for an August 21 chemical weapons attack, which, according to U.S. officials, killed 1,429 people. Military assets are in place and ready to carry out a strike on his order, he said.
But in an acknowledgement of protests from U.S. lawmakers and concerns from war-weary Americans, Obama added an important caveat: he wants Congress to approve the intervention.
Congress is currently in recess and not scheduled to return to work until September 9.

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