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Israel combats UN accusations of human rights abuses

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Itongadol.- "The vast majority of [Palestinian] \’detainees\’ are prisoners who have been tried and convicted for acts of violence and terrorism, and only a small minority are administrative detainees," Israel\’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations said on Monday.
Responding to accusations over Israel\’s human rights violations by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, in her opening statement at the UN Human Rights Council’s 23rd Session, the mission accused Pillay of being "one-sided," stating "misleading remarks [that] are far removed from reality."
Pillay had accused Israel of serious human rights violations, and claimed that "nearly 5,000 of whom are currently detained by Israel, many without charges".
Israels mission hit back at her opening statement, claiming that not only are Palestinians granted a fair trial in conformity with international law, but that the doors of the Supreme Court of Israel "remain open to Palestinians, along with NGOs, for any appeal in this regard."

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