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Gantz: Syria to up aggressions against Israel

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Itongadol.- Syria intended to increase activities against Israel, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz said Tuesday, according to Army Radio.
Gantz\’s remarks followed Syrian claims provided on its state news agency that it was responsible for firing shots into Israeli territory and destroying an IDF vehicle.
IDF forces fired three times before destroying the Syrian outpost, from where the direction of the fire apparently originated, he was cited as saying.
"We will not let the Golan Heights become a convenient space of response for Assad," Gantz said at a conference at the University of Haifa, "we will defend and respond if and when we need to," he added.
The IDF denied on Tuesday a claim by Syria that its armed forces destroyed an Israeli vehicle on the Golan Heights. The statement by Syrian military leadership was broadcast on state television
An IDF spokeswoman said a vehicle had been lightly damaged by gunfire from Syria but no Israeli soldiers were hurt in the incident, which occurred in the central Golan Heights. Israeli troops returned fire after the incident, which the IDF had announced earlier in the day.
A defense source told The Jerusalem Post, "They fired on our patrol. Whether they knew it was us or not I don\’t know, but it\’s the third time in a row this has happened [this week], at the same place and time. The fire was directed at us."
The IDF responded with precise artillery fire, striking and destroying a Syrian army position. There were no immediate reports of injuries on the Syrian side.
Hours after the morning\’s cross-border shooting, IDF Chief of Staff, Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz toured the Golan area together with the head of the Northern Command, Lt.-Gen. Yair Golan. Gantz inspected the readiness of the military forces.
The incident marked the third such instance of cross border fire from Syria into Israel this week. Two instances of gunfire into the Israeli Golan Heights occurred on Monday morning.

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