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Muslim protest reaches Israel; riots in Jerusalem

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 Hundreds of worshippers leaving the al-Aqsa Mosque after Friday prayers hurled stones at police officers and rioted near Jerusalem\’s Damascus Gate.

The demonstrators, protesting against the anti-Islam film that sparked riots across the Middle East, started marching towards the US Consulate but were blocked by police officers who used shock grenades against them. Several officers were lightly injured by stones. Some protesters were detained.
Hundreds in Akko also rallied after prayers at the al-Jazer Mosque calling for the struggle against all those trying to hurt Islam to continue. Akko Police chief Victor Buskila said that order is being maintained.
"The protesters are crying \’Allahu Akbar\’ and pro-Muhammad calls, not swear words or slander," one bystander said. "It\’s not against the State."
The film "Innocence of Muslims" ignited riots across the Muslim world on Tuesday which led to the killing of US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three embassy staff. Friday saw the riots spread beyond the Middle East as dozens in Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Philippines and Indonesia rallied after prayers. Protests were also held in Egypt, Yemen, Kuwait, Iran and Qatar.
Media in Jordan reported that hundreds of Salafi followers were marching towards the US Embassy in Amman. The protesters cried out "Listen Obama, We\’re all Osama here" and burned US flags. Jordan has arranged for reinforced security around the embassy.
Meanwhile, thousands of Palestinians held a protest march in Gaza heading towards the Legislative Council building.
In Bangladesh, 10,000 people protested in capital Dhaka, burned US and Israeli flags and held their shoes up. 
Legislators in Pakistan passed a bill that condemns the film and called on the US to take appropriate measures.
In Indonesia, the world\’s largest Muslim country, worshippers demonstrated outside the US Embassy in Jakarta and raised signs reading "Prophet Muhammad is the symbol of Islam."
Thousands are also demonstrating in Tehran and calling "Death to the United States and Death of Israel", Iranian TV reported.
In Cairo, Al-Jazeera reported that citizens were placing small barriers preventing the protesters from reaching the US embassy. According to reports, few heeded the call to take part in the "Million-man march."
It was later reported by Britain\’s The Guardian that the Muslim Brotherhood canceled the protests in Egypt. Earlier, President Mohammed Morsi said that it\’s up to Muslims as part of their Islamic duty to protect embassies and foreign diplomats who are guests in the country.

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