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Lieberman: Abbas on borrowed time

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 Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Thursday continued slamming Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas criticizing his management skills. "Abu Mazen (Abbas) can’t manage. They\’re on borrowed time. His corrupt regime cannot be salvaged."

Speaking at a Jewish New Year ceremony at the Foreign Ministry, Lieberman said that Abbas had lost the Palestinian people\’s trust but noted that it was not Israel\’s place to comment on a possible replacement. "We will negotiate with anyone who\’s willing," he said.
The foreign minister said that Israel\’s relations with the Palestinian Authority warrant reassessment. "I understand the fear of seeing reality as it is – we must reevaluate and address our relations with the PA with a new perspective," he said.

"Even if we withdraw to the 1967 lines and evacuate settlements – we\’ll see more terror, more de-legitimization." Lieberman accused the PA of providing murderers with NIS 12,000 allowances adding, "It was a grave mistake giving Abu Mazen another advance."

Commenting on the crisis in US-Israel relations, he said: "All arguments and discussions must be held far from the media\’s eye. There are enough communication channels.

"The various analyses about our relations with the US are wrong. Our relations are strong, based on common values, the economy, personal relations.

"The US has been the first to stand by our side in any international forum. Our relations have always been a cornerstone in Israel\’s foreign policy and we shall maintain relations with our greatest ally."

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