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Peres says US, Israel agree on action against Iran

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 President Shimon Peres dismissed any notion of disagreement between Washington and Jerusalem on Thursday over how to handle the Iranian nuclear issue, the Los Angeles Jewish Journal reported.

Speaking to a large audience in a Beverly Hills hotel at the start of his four-day visit to the southern California city, Peres said “While everybody is looking for differences, the basis is common and agreed."
His comments came following high profile meetings last weekend between the president and US President Barack Obama, who also met with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
Speaking to over 1,000 Jews who had gathered at the Beverly Hilton, Peres threw his support behind Western sanction on Iran, meant to pressure the Islamic Republic to abandon its nuclear path.
“If we have to choose, let’s start with the nonviolent, [with] no war beginning, but saying very clearly that all other options are on the table," he said according to the Jewish Journal.
US Secretary of State reiterated Thursday the US’s desire to let sanctions on Iran run their course, saying the current economic measures against Tehran are the "toughest ever."
Speaking following his five-day trip to Canada and the United States, Netanyahu told Channel 2 news in excerpts from an interviews aired Thursday that an attack on Iran "is not a matter of days or weeks. It is also not a matter of years."
"The result has to be that the threat of a nuclear weapon in Iran’s hands is removed,” he said, adding that he hoped sanctions would be sufficient to dismantle Iran’s nuclear program.

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