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Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press – March 7th, 2012

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Yediot Aharonot observes:  "The final State Comptroller’s report [on the so-called Harpaz affair], which will be released in a month or two, regarding the sad chain of events between Defense Minister’s Bureau and the Chief-of-Staff’s Bureau, will not uproot mountains, nor will it cause them to be ground to dust. More or less, this tragic story will arrive at its last stop." The author says that "The history of the IDF is full of bitter feuds that were hidden from the public by the IDF Censor. For example, had the public known how [the late IDF Chief-of-Staff] Moshe Levy and his confidants in the IDF echelons attempted to prevent the appointment of [former IDF Chief-of-Staff] Dan Shomron, even the hairs on the heads of the bald would have stood up."

Ma’ariv notes that "Whoever knows a little bit about the yeshiva world and the studies that take place therein, knows that it is inconceivable that 50-60,000 students listed as yeshiva students, or that even most of them, could attain a level of exemplary wisdom for which they are entitled to be exempt from military duty." The author discusses a recent story about a "22 year-old ultra-orthodox marginal youth" who received an IDF exemption in exchange for bogus studies, for which his putative yeshiva received a government subsidy, and asserts that this is far from what was originally intended.
Yisrael Hayom, in the wake of International Women’s Day and on the eve of Purim<> and the reading of the Book of Esther, tells us that "Indeed, Queen Esther transformed from a beauty queen into a leader. Beautiful, submissive, passive and quiet Esther conquered the heart of King Ahasuerus – perhaps as an antithesis of independent-minded Vashti who stood her ground. Esther became the king’s heartthrob from amongst the wave of women who were brought to his palace. Before the very eyes of the scroll’s wondering readers, she transformed into an active figure, commanding, expressing decisive opinions, setting conditions and formulating strategies. Queen Esther became Esther t! he leader." The author concludes: "Esther rose to prominence due to her beauty but she entered into the annals of history due to her character."
The Jerusalem Post discusses the Iranian issue, and states that US President Barak Obama has made it clear on numerous occasions that “his policy was not to contain Iran, it was ‘to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.’” The editor adds, however, that “our prime minister has an obligation to his own people. And that obligation includes exercising Israel’s sovereignty and military might in a way that best protects the citizens of the Jewish state.”
Haaretz comments on PM Netanyahu’s recent visit to Washington, and contends that he returned empty-handed. The editor claims that “The intelligence assessment (the US and Israel) is that Iran will not have nuclear weapons before the November elections. Under these circumstances, Netanyahu’s pressure on Obama to approve an operation before then is not only useless, it’s perceived as an outside attempt to take advantage of U.S. politics,” and advises the prime minister to “let up lest the Israeli-Iranian conflict become an Israeli-American one.” 
[Eitan Haber, Avraham Tirosh and Aliza Lavie wrote today’s articles in Yediot Ahronot, Ma’ariv and Yisrael Hayom, respectively.]

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