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Netanyahu, ministers questioned on «Bibi-tours» probe

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 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was questioned in his chambers on the "Bibi-tours" affair this week, Ynet has learned. Netanyahu was questioned for two hours and asked about his overseas travels. Several ministers have also been questioned.

The State Comptroller’s office is investigating the overseas travels of government ministers as well as the prime minister. The State Comptroller will decide next week whether to summon Netanyahu for another questioning session. The prime minister departed for Canada on Thursday night and is scheduled to meet US President Barack Obama in Washington on Monday.
Last year, State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss lauched a probe into allegations that some of  Netanyahu’s trips abroad were funded by private businessmen, including Jewish donors.
A Channel 10 report claimed that the PM accepted funding from private businessmen for trips for himself and his family while in public office.
Knesset’s State Control Committee gave Lindenstrauss’ office exceptional authorities in investigating the alleged ethical violations by Netanyahu.

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