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PM on 9/11: We are still susceptible to terror attacks

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday marked a decade since the terror attacks at The World Trade Center in New York and said "we have to remember that we are still susceptible to terror attacks throughout the world."
Netanyahu said at the beginning of the weekly cabinet meeting that Islamic extremism, along with Iran, is threat to all of us, the stability of the Middle East, Europe and the US.
Opposition leader Tzipi Livni on Sunday commemorated the attacks by posting a message on her Facebook page in which she said "that the fanatics who carried them out intended not only to harm the United States, but to send a message to the entire world."
"But in response to those horrific attacks, the United States sent a message too – one which Israel and the Israeli people not only understand but demonstrate on an almost daily basis," the message continued.
"The values which we hold so dear – freedom, democracy,peace, the sanctity of human life – are not something to be taken for granted,they are something worth fighting for, worth sacrificing for. Ten years ago, we were all called again to stand together to protect and advance our most cherished beliefs from those who seek to deny them. That remains our calling today," she said in the post.
Members of Knesset and families of the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks in New York will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the attacks at a ceremony on Sunday afternoon at Israel’s 9/11 memorial, which is located in the Jerusalem Forest.
Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, US Ambassador Dan Shapiro, and representatives from the police and fire departments will commemorate the 2,980 people that were killed, including 343 police and firefighters who rushed to the scene.
The Israeli monument to the 9/11 terror attacks is the largest memorial outside of the US, and is designed as a billowing flag that turns into an eternal flame, etched with the names of the victims, including five Israelis who were killed, Alona Avraham, Daniel Mark Levin, Hagai Shefi, Leon Lebor, and Shai Levinhar. The monument was dedicated two years ago and was designed by Israeli artist Eliezer Weishoff.
The memorial itself is tucked away in a little-visited corner of the Jewish National Fund’s Jerusalem Forest and some visitors have complained the monument is nearly impossible to find.
“Ten years have passed since that fateful day,” said Efi Stenzler, world chairman of the JNF, ahead of the 10th anniversary memorial. “The whole world held its breath at the sight of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon burning… The September 11 attacks are a major disaster and incomprehensible. The free world has now understood what we learned the hard way, and that is not letting these enemies of humanity get another chance.”
JNF has organized a memorial service for the attacks every year.
“The purpose of this special monument is to help deal with the tragedy and carry on without falling apart, in addition it is there to remind us to fight with determination against the root of evil,” Stenzler said.

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