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On the Jewish New Year, a Jewish cemetery was attacked in Buenos Aires

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Agencia AJN.- AMIA expressed its «absolute condemnation and concern about the cowardly and vandalic attack» which, in the early hours of Saturday, September 28, caused the destruction of more than 15 meters of one of the perimeter walls of the La Tablada Community Cemetery, the destruction of tombs and the theft of bronze plaques.

According to the information obtained so far, a group of people beat down part of a wall located on the internal street that divides the cementery´s «Old section» from the «New section». In addition, they broke monuments near the cemetery and stole plaques from the tombstones.

These events took place less than 24 hours after the institution received a letter sent by the «Delegation of Custodies of Fixed Targets, Persons and Transfers of Detainees» of La Matanza, in which they reported that they had decided to reduce the police protection service provided on the grounds of the cemetery at night, due to a decrease in personnel.

«On the eve of the arrival of the Jewish New Year, one of the most important moments of our community, these violent events, in a place so sacred at a religious level, with family tradition and cultural heritage, fill us with pain and consternation,» said Ariel Eichbaum, AMIA´s president.

«From the institution we demand the highest authorities of the Municipality and the Ministry of Security of the Province of Buenos Aires that they start a deep investigation. We also request that prevention measures are immediately taken to ensure that they do not happen again,» he added.


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