Inicio NOTICIAS Israeli poll shows little support for Trump in Arab world

Israeli poll shows little support for Trump in Arab world

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 IDC survey finds just 3.8% of Egyptians, 6% of Saudis favor presumed GOP nominee, who wants ban on Muslims entering US

An opinion poll of attitudes inside Egypt and Saudi Arabia conducted by Israel’s Interdisciplinary Center found virtually no support for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in the two Arab countries.

The survey could signal trouble for Trump if he wins the November election and sets out to devise a Mideast policy. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are two of America’s most powerful and important allies in the Arab world.

When asked who their preferred candidate was, just 3.8 percent of Egyptian respondents chose Trump. In Saudi Arabia, only 6% favored Trump.

The presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, did better, though support was far from overwhelming. In Egypt, 35.7% of respondents chose Clinton, while in Saudi Arabia that number was 30.2%.

“The overall pattern is that most people … do not support either candidate, but they hate Trump essentially and one out of three support Hillary,” said survey director Alex Mintz, head of the IDC’s Institute for Policy and Strategy.

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