Inicio NOTICIAS Israel’s embassy in Berlin slams visit by hate preacher who called for death to all Jews

Israel’s embassy in Berlin slams visit by hate preacher who called for death to all Jews

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Itongadol.- Israel’s deputy chief envoy to Germany condemned on Monday the appearance of a Pakistani religious leader who has called for the elimination of all Jews.

The Stuttgarter Nachrichten newspaper published an article Monday about Muhammad Raza Saqib Mustafai’s European tour. On Friday the Islamic hate preacher addressed some 300 men and teenage boys Friday at Al-Madina mosque in Bad Cannstatt, a historic district in Stuttgart, the state capital of Baden-Württemberg.

Mustafai has said in a video posted on YouTube: “When the Jews are annihilated, the world will be cleansed.”

Mustafai has previously said: “When the Jews are wiped out… the sun of peace [will] begin to rise on the entire world.”

Avraham Nir-Feldklein, Israel’s deputy chief here, told the Stuttgarter Nachrichten, “We hope that public funds do not in the future benefit organizations that provide a place that calls for hate not only against Jews and Israel, but also against other sections of the population.”

The Pakistan Welfare Society Stuttgart e.V. sponsored Mustafai’s visit. The society, which controls Al-Madina mosque, receives a tax-break from the city because of its non-profit status.

Stuttgarter Nachrichten journalists Theresa Ritzer and Franz Feyder wrote it is “unclear who granted a visa for Mustafai’s entry into the European Union. It is conceivable that Mustafai gained entry with false passport documents.”

In response to a Stuttgarter Nachrichten query, a spokesman for the Pakistan Welfare Society Stuttgart, said “We don’t tolerate anyone in our mosque who will doing something negative to other people.”

The Jerusalem Post contributed research to the Stuttgarter Nachrichten article.

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