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Stabbing Attack Thwarted in Samaria

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Itongadol.- Border Patrol officers posted on a fixed basis at Tapuach Junction in northern Samaria, near Ariel, spotted an Arab resident arriving at the junction on Tuesday evening who raised their suspicions.

The soldiers immediately began standard procedure to arrest a terror suspect, at which point he threw aside a utility box-cutter knife. They continued according to procedure, neutralizing and arresting him.

Upon searching him, they found an additional kitchen knife on his person. The terrorist was taken in for investigation.

Superintendent Roi Amos, commander of the Border Patrol\’s 15th company, welcomed the alert actions of the soldiers and their swift response.

"The fighters showed alertness and professionalism precisely as expected of them, in a quick and firm operational response, and in this way an apparent attack was prevented that was directed at the fighters or the civilians at the site," said Amos.

Police Force Rescued From Riot in Jerusalem\’s Shuafat

A police force operating in eastern Jerusalem on Tuesday required rescue after being attacked by a mob of Arab rioters.

The attack occurred in the Shuafat neighborhood in northern Jerusalem, near a house of mourning for the terrorist responsible for a stabbing attack in the capital on Saturday night.

The rioters cried "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is greater) and tried to wound the police officers on scene.

Security forces called for help and Border Patrol officers deployed to Shuafat were able to extricate the police unharmed.

Video of the attack obtained by Channel 10 shows several plainclothes officers standing with their weapons drawn against a mob of Arabs until a group of Border Policeman rescue them.

The incident ended without any casualties or injuries; only one rioter was arrested.

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