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NBA Players, West Point Cadets Use Israeli tech To Prevent Injuries

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 For sports organizations, a twisted ankle or sprained wrist in a star player can cost millions. One way to prevent those injuries is to pay strict attention to how a player performs in real time. To accomplish that, sports organizations throughout the US are turning to Israeli start-up PhysiMax, which, using 3D cameras, provides cloud-based analytics of how players are performing – and whether their favorite pivot-shot move or tackling style is likely to get them sidelined.

Among the professional organizations that are already using the PhysiMax system – or are strongly considering it – are numerous NBA teams, college basketball teams, the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball franchise and the West Point Military Academy in the US, among others, said Ram Shalev, PhysiMax CEO and a co-founder of the company.

“Our vision is to take top scientific research in injury prevention and bring it to the field, allowing professional players and, eventually, many others, to benefit from technology that can help them avoid injuries,” Shaleve said.

PhysiMax’s technology has been validated by leading US military and academic experts, who themselves developed the original protocols used in the athletics world.

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