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US Condemns Israeli Singer for Comparing Obama to Hitler

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 Itongadol.- The popular and outspoken Israeli singer Amir Benayoun sharply criticized US President Barack Obama in a new song and went on to compare him with the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, to which the US Embassy in Tel Aviv responded with a condemnation.

The embassy\’s spokesperson told Walla!, "we were sorry to hear the repulsive descriptions. We condemn any provocative and racist language, whether it is against the president of the United States or against anyone else, and we believe that most Israelis think like us."
In the new song, which Benayoun posted in a video on Facebook this week, the singer allegorically describes how he got a cruel raven "with a small mustache" named "Obama" after the "ugly president," and tried to "inject him with a few drops of heart."
After his attempt to inject humanity in the raven failed, Benayoun sang that he was waiting for the cruel bird – which he referred to as "cruel trash" – to die, in an apparent metaphoric reference to Obama\’s term of office ending in 2016.
In the video a large raven is seen with a small picture of Obama\’s head placed in its mouth. This is not the first time Benayoun has released a song critical of Obama, after criticizing him over his attempts to try and divide Jerusalem last February.
How the song constitutes "racist language" as phrased by the embassy\’s condemnation remains unclear.
"Obama is trying to destroy Israel"
In an interview with Walla! on Monday, Benayoun argued that Obama is working to destroy Israel through his desperate attempts to sign a nuclear deal with Iran, which even Obama has admitted will allow it to build a nuclear weapon.
"Obama armed Iran, he\’s about to give them the seal, Iran wants to destroy us," he reasoned. Referencing his song lyrics, he added, "I\’m waiting for the death of this creature that is called a hater of Israel, I wish for the death of this raven called Pharaoh, called Hitler, called (Joseph) Stalin, all of these types."
Elaborating on his song, he said, "it\’s not necessarily Obama. I intended for the death of this creature that each time wants our death – at the moment the one working on that the most is Obama."
When asked if he was worried he might not be let into the US due to the song, Benayoun responded, "not only am I not concerned (that will happen), I G-d willing hope and pray that they won\’t want to see my face there. By the way, I didn\’t have plans to travel there, to the land of plastic."
In response to the media backlash Benayoun removed the song video from his Facebook page on Monday, writing, "I was happy to receive your comments to the last song I uploaded."
"As a creator it\’s important to me to bring my opinions with an open mouth, but currently I decided to take to my attention your responses, which I greatly value, and keep my thoughts, ideas and songs which I upload to the page for another place."
"Until then, as always Dudu the manager of my Facebook page will continue to serve you faithfully," concluded the famous singer.

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