Inicio NOTICIAS IDF: Israel fires into air as five people approach border from Lebanon

IDF: Israel fires into air as five people approach border from Lebanon

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Itongadol.- Israeli soldiers opened fire near the Israel-Lebanon border Monday, said the Israel Defense Forces and Hezbollah-affiliated television station Al-Manar.

The Israeli army said it fired in the air after five people approached the border, near the northern Israeli moshav of Avivim. The group dispersed after troops opened fire, the army said.

Al-Manar said the Israeli soldiers had fired at Lebanese farmers in the area of the southern Lebanese village Maroun al-Ras. It said there were no casualties and no damage.

Late last month, two Israeli soldiers were killed and seven wounded when an anti-tank missile struck an Israel Defense Forces vehicle in the Har Dov area near the Lebanon border, as mortar shells were fired nearby. IDF forces responded with artillery fire, shelling several targets in southern Lebanon. A Spanish UNIFIL soldier was killed in the strikes.

According to messages relayed between Hezbollah and Israel through UNIFIL it appears that the two sides wish to avoid further escalation.

In a message relayed to Israel from Hezbollah through UNIFIL, it was passed along that Hezbollah considers the attack an adequate retaliation to the airstrike in Syria the week before that was attributed to Israel. Several Iranian military officials and Hezbollah operatives, including Jihad Mughniyeh, were killed in the strike.

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