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Israel prepares for all-out storm

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An all-out storm will hit Israel starting Thursday with snow in mountainous regions, unusually cold temperatures, strong winds and very high waves across the coastline.

A considerable drop in temperatures will be felt throughout Israel on Thursday, with snow scheduled to begin falling over the northern mountains in the early afternoon.

In the evening, snow is expected to fall over the Carmel Mountain and over mountains in central Israel – including in Jerusalem.

The storm will begin with snow mixed with rain, and snow will start piling up in the evening in areas in northern Israel that are higher than 200-300 meters above sea level. In central Israel, areas 300-400 meters above sea level will be hit by snow and in the Negev snow will hit areas 300 meters above sea level.

Due to the upcoming storm, the eastern dock and Carmel dock of the Haifa port will be closed until Friday. A decision on whether work will continue on the western dock, which is protected from strong winds, and at the Kishon Port will be made based on weather conditions.

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