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Report: Iron Dome deployed to northern Israel after alleged Syria strike

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 In the aftermath of an alleged Israeli strike Sunday on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, the IDF reportedly deployed a number of Iron Dome air defense batteries to the North on Monday evening, according to foreign media.

Sky News Ararbic reported that the anti-rocket batteries had been maneuvered in case of further escalation on the border with Syria and Lebanon.

According to Hezbollah, which is active on the side of President Bashar Assad in the Syrian civil war, an Israeli helicopter fired two missiles Sunday at a military convoy in the Syrian town of Quneitra, not far from the Israeli border in the Golan Heights.

Six Hezbollah operatives and six Iranian soldiers were reported killed in the hit.

The killings raised the possibility of a retaliatory attack, with a senior Iranian official suggesting that Israel would be hit at "the right time and right place". An Israeli defense official told Reuters an escalation was possible.

Israel has not confirmed that it carried out the strike, however Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that Israel would not give up its right to defend itself against all those who wish to propagate terror and other attacks against its citizens or its territory.

Hezbollah officials vowed to avenge the attack on Monday, telling Lebanese paper A-Safir that retaliation was "inevitable," though they added that “we will not act out of emotion.”

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