Inicio NOTICIAS Rivlin calls ambassadors serving in Europe \’frontline heroes\’

Rivlin calls ambassadors serving in Europe \’frontline heroes\’

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 Ambassadors gather in Jerusalem for conference, Rivlin praises their commitment and dedication to promoting Israel\’s cause.

Israeli ambassadors come in for a lot of criticism from the host countries in which they serve, as well as from various sources in Israel.

But on Monday they glowed with pride when President Reuven Rivlin said that they were frontline heroes, who have to contend with boycotts, attacks on Israeli policy and surging anti-Semitism.

Foreign Ministry Director- General Nissim Ben-Shitrit introduced Rivlin to the 43 ambassadors who are serving in Europe and are on home leave for an ambassadors’ conference in Jerusalem.

“It’s time for the president to meet the ambassadors,” he said, hinting that Rivlin’s predecessor Shimon Peres gave priority to foreign relations whereas Rivlin does not.

“The place of the president is among his people,” Rivlin shot back, but the remark was made with humor and greeted with laughter.

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