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Lieberman: We will not accept unilateral moves by Palestinians

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 Itongadol.- Speaking with foreign diplomats, foreign minister slams Palestinians for joining international organizations, claims unilateral move killed prisoner release which could have seen Pollard go free.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman slammed the Palestinians unwillingness to reach a final peace deal, as well as their bid to join international organizations, saying “we are ready to talk and negotiate, but will not accept any unilateral steps.”

Speaking to a group of foreign diplomats, the foreign minister further seemed to claim that the Palestinians\’ decision to join some 15 international organizations and treaties killed a prisoner release deal which was said to include US-spy Jonathan Pollard and set peace talks back on track, well beyond their end-of-April deadline.

“What happened last week is that we were very close to reach a package deal with the Palestinians… it was very complicated and after real efforts by us to move forward, the Palestinians suddenly signed request to join 15 different UN agencies.”

Negotiations broke down early this month after Israel failed to carry out a promised release of Palestinian prisoners. The Palestinians responded by reviving a campaign for recognition in international bodies, triggering a series of Israeli sanctions.

Lieberman claimed that the Palestinians failure to reach the prisoner release deal was further proof of their reluctance to reach a comprehensive agreement with Israel: "I think it was something we saw in the past, like in Camp David… and also subsequently in Annapolis. In the last moment, Abbas refused to sign an agreement, like Arafat did in Camp David."

Lieberman went on to lament what he felt was unfair treatment of Israel, claiming that the Palestinians, and the world, were repeating past mistakes: “It is interesting from our point of view is that certain countries and leader went out of their way no to blame the Palestinians for sabotaging the agreement. After some time, they start to blame Israel.”

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