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Steinitz to Post: Iran may try to fool West with trust-building measures

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani may try some unilateral “trust-building moves” aimed at fooling the West, Steinitz said. 
Even though we all recognize that the Iranian nuclear threat is the biggest threat in the world, we have to understand the magnitude. Iran is 30 times more dangerous than North Korea. Why? Because of the size of its nuclear industry, and the size of its ambitions.
The Iranians for the last 30 years have been talking about the historical goal, and the historic need to once and for all change the global balance of power between Islam and the Western world. They are talking about the need to change the world. They are developing greater nuclear power than North Korea, with much greater global ambitions than the North Koreans. It is a different story altogether. 
First of all, we need to judge Iran by its actions, not rhetoric. Secondly, and most importantly, it is possible to talk to Iran but not have rounds of negotiations. We already wasted four years. Another year or two of negotiations will be good for them.
And why do I stress that? Because one of the biggest dangers is that Rouhani, perhaps even in his upcoming speech at the UN, will offer gestures – and not only rhetorical ones. He will perhaps say that he decided – or convinced the Supreme Leader [Ayatollah Ali Khamenei] to decide – to freeze enrichment at Qom for four months, or allow inspectors into [the] Parchin [military complex].
He will say that he is doing it unilaterally, to build trust. “Give me something in return,” he will say, “there should be reciprocity here.” That is the biggest danger, because Iran’s intention is to dilute the sanctions.
As opposed to many people in Europe and Israel, I think Obama understands very well that from an international security and strategic point of view, his main goal, and the goal of the West, is to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

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