Inicio NOTICIAS Netanyahu, trying to re-focus world’s attention on Iran, tells cabinet sanctions need to be stepped up

Netanyahu, trying to re-focus world’s attention on Iran, tells cabinet sanctions need to be stepped up

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Itongadol.- With the world\’s attention having shifted over the last few weeks to Egypt and Syria, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is trying to bring it back to Iran, telling the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday that a month after Iran\’s elections the Islamic republic continues to "quickly sail forward" toward nuclear capability.
According to Netanyahu, Iran is expanding and improving its uranium enrichment capabilities, and in parallel is also developing a plutonium reactor so it will have two tracks to create material for a nuclear weapon. At the same time, he said Tehran is also expanding its ballistic missile capabilities.
"We believe that now, more than ever, it is important to stiffen the economic sanctions and present Iran with a credible military option," he said.
"We are determined to stand firm by our demands [on Iran], which must become the demands of the international community," he said. "First, to cease all enrichment. Second, to remove from the country all the enriched uranium. And thirdly, to close the illegal nuclear facility at Qom."
Israel\’s demands are harsher than those of the international community, which – through the so called P5+1 that includes the US, Russia, China, Germany, France and Britain — has indicated that Iran needs to cease enriching uranium to 20%, and could keep some of the stockpiles of uranium enriched to a lesser degree inside the country.
Soon after Iran elected Hassan Rouhani as president last month, Netanyahu warned the world not to be "taken in" by his more moderate rhetoric and demeanor, but to continue applying pressure on Iran. The concern in Jerusalem was, and continues to be, that the world – viewing Rouhani as a moderate – will soften its sanctions in order to "give him a chance."
Netanyahu is expected to stress the need to keep the pressure on Rouhani during an interview later in the day on CBS\’s "Face the Nation" Sunday news talk show.

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