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Price-tag vandals strike again: Tires slashed in east Jerusalem

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Itongadol.- A week after the tires of 28 vehicles were slashed in the Israeli Arab town of Abu Ghosh in a suspected price-tag attack , vandals were at it again, as residents of Beit Hanina, a Palestinian neighborhood in east Jerusalem, arose on Monday to find the tires of 21 vehicles slashed.

So-called price-tag attacks, normally perpetrated by extreme right-wing Jews, aim to avenge Palestinian attacks against settlers as well as government policies viewed by extreme rightists as being harmful to settlers.

Graffiti saying "We won\’t stay silent in the face of rock throwers" was also scrawled on one of the walls in the neighborhood and Stars of David were spray-painted on a number of cars.

The Jerusalem District Police has launched an investigation into the incident.

Channel 2 news interviewed local resident Hafez Namar, who said, "We woke up in the morning and found our cars destroyed, after the tires were slashed. It is not easy to wake up to something like that. We have Jewish neighbors here, and everything is fine. We have to resolve this situation."

"There are a handful of people who do terrible things in every group – on the Left as well as the Right. It is ugly and it is terrorism. We will not lend a hand to this," said President Shimon Peres on Monday during a visit to Abu Ghosh, the site of a similar attack a week prior.

"I came here not only to condemn this terror, but also to praise Abu Ghosh," Peres said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared Monday that he would combat this phenomenon. "There are no outlaws; there is no price tag; there isn\’t any kind of tag and we are working," the prime minister said.

Speaking at the inauguration of a school in Samaria named after his father, Benzion Netanyahu, the prime minister said: "on my way here, I spoke with the head of the Israel Security Agency — there is no such thing. Just as we are taking action against other enemies, real enemies, enemies who are out to kill us, we cannot accept the unraveling of the law."

Dr. Gadi Gvaryahu, the chairman of Tag Meir ("Bright Tag"), an organization that combats the price-tag phenomenon, issued a response to Monday\’s attack, saying, "The extreme rightist troops are continuing to target Arab property, and this could rapidly escalate to attacks against people. This is an underground movement organized by a Jewish terrorist group. The government of Israel must stop these people immediately."

Last week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni\’s request to legally classify price-tag attacks as terrorism.

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