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Research uncovers true extent of Shoah

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 Researchers from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have uncovered some shocking information so far in their documentation of all the ghettos, concentration camps and killing factories that were set up by the Nazis throughout Europe during World War II.

The research project, which began 13 years ago, has already catalogued over 42,500 Nazi ghettos and camps which existed in Europe between 1933 and 1945.
The figure is so large that even other Holocaust scholars were left shocked. The Holocaust network has proven to be a lot wider than previously thought.
Lead researcher Dr. Megargee said that when the research first began he expected to find around 7,000 Nazi camps and ghettos based on post-war estimates, but the numbers kept growing.
In Berlin alone researchers have found 3,000 camps, whilst Hamburg held 1,300 sites.
Dr. Dean, the co-researcher, says that the findings have left him in no doubt that many German citizens must have known about the widespread existence of Nazi camps despite claims of ignorance.

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