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Histadrut protest disrupts Public Security Ministry

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Itongadol.- Employees of the Public Security Ministry left work for the day on Sunday to participate in a labor protest outside the ministry in Jerusalem.

The Histadrut National Labor Federation said the measures followed a Finance Ministry decision not to provide incentive pay to the workers, the increasing use of individual contracts and an impasse in negotiations over additional work and responsibilities heaped on the workers.

"We will not let the Finance Ministry ignore the workers who give all their energy to the security of the public," said Histadrut Jerusalem Chairman Danny Bonfil.

The union activity is the latest in a recent wave of steps the Histadrut has enacted against government bodies in recent weeks, as the Finance Ministry works to slash a legally-mandated NIS 14b. from the upcoming budget.

In mid-February, the Histadrut brought out 150 workers from the the Public Security Ministry, Prime Minister’s Office and the Foreign Ministry protested wage erosion in front of the Foreign Ministry.

The following day, the Histadrut called a labor dispute against local authorities over the use of individual contracts, which offer workers less job security than collective agreements. A week later, it pulled parking inspectors from their duties and declared an official labor dispute.

Just last Thursday, in one manic day, the union declared labor disputes at the Foreign Ministry and the Basketball Super League and organized a walkout at Zim, a shipping company.

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