Inicio NOTICIAS Netanyahu conversation with Obama on Iran was \’good\’

Netanyahu conversation with Obama on Iran was \’good\’

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 Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in a conversation with The Jerusalem Post, characterized his post-midnight telephone call Wednesday with US President Barack Obama as a "good conversation."

"We spoke about our common goal of stopping Iran from developing its nuclear weapons program, and our desire to closely coordinate our efforts," he said.

When asked whether Obama referred to his comments that those who do not place red lines in front of the Iranians cannot place a red light in front of Israel, Netanyahu replied that he was "not going to get into details of this discussion."

"Obviously I have my views and am not exactly shy about expressing them when I think that Israel\’s vital security concerns are involved," he said. "This is my responsibility as the prime minister of the Jewish state. We are facing the greatest security challenge of any country on the face of the earth, and when I feel I need to speak out, I do."

Obama phoned Netanyahu past midnight Wednesday following a day when friction between Jerusalem and Washington burst into the open as Netanyahu made his comments about red lines and red lights. Just before the phone call, Israeli officials confirmed that the leaders would not be meeting during Netanyahu\’s 60-hour visit to the US later this month.

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