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Egypt intelligence warns of terror plot against US, Israeli embassies

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 Egyptian intelligence is warning of Global Jihad terrorists\’ intention to carry out terror attacks against the Israeli and US embassies in Cairo, Egypt\’s al-Masry al-Youm newspaper reported Tuesday.

The newspaper claims it has record of a letter dated September 4 addressed to the deputy interior minister, General Sami Sidhom, saying that the national security department at the general intelligence HQ has informed the interior ministry on plans by terrorists in Egypt and Gaza to attack the embassies.

The letter stated the names of those involved in the plot: Nader Bassam Husim Juda, 22, from Gaza and Osama Abu Talha, estimated to be an Egyptian citizen.

On Monday, the al-Ahram newspaper reported that Israel\’s Ambassador to Egypt Yaakov Amitai had returned to the country from his weekly vacation. Earlier this week, the Egyptian president\’s spokesman denied reports on consultations regarding the embassy\’s possible relocation.

Last April, the London-based al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper reported that the ambassador had been working out of a Cairo hotel after the contents of the embassy had been returned to Israel following the embassy raid.

Egyptian defense officials said that the letter had circulated in all of the branches of Egypt\’s defense forces.

It was further reported that military intelligence had informed the interior ministry on the intention of 22 Jihad operatives in Sinai to carry out attacks against sensitive facilities and police stations in the al-Jura region.

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