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Netanyahu vows to boost Iron Dome deployment

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 Despite reports of Egyptian-mediated negotiations to end the current round of violence in the south, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said Israel is still "at the height of the current round of violence".

Speaking at Sunday’s cabinet meeting he said, "On Friday an arch-terrorist who planned a terrorist attack was eliminated. We are still on alert. This brought about a round of violence which we are experiencing right now. The IDF is pounding with force. We have exacted a high cost and still do. We shall act as long as necessary."

While the Iron Dome continues to intercept rockets fired at Israel, Netanyahu said that the anti-rocket system has proven itself and will be expanded. "Our greatest strength is the civilians’ standing power."

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said, "This government’s ground rules include the decision to topple Hamas and there’s no point in starting an operation without setting a clear objective which is overthrowing Hamas and eliminating terror and terror heads in Gaza."

He added, "They want to make us get used to random rocket fire. This is unacceptable. We shall not tolerate it."

Lieberman said there are ongoing discussions in the relevant forums about possible operations and that if such a decision is made the IDF will be ready. "The problem is not just rocket fire, but the growing force being built. It’s not just terror cells but companies and battalions. There is also weapons smuggling. We cannot stand by as they gain more and more power. "

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