Inicio NOTICIAS “Gov’t is committed to making tangible social change”

“Gov’t is committed to making tangible social change”

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Sunday that the government is responsible for making significant social changes, following large-scale demonstrations demanding social justice across the country on Saturday night.
"My government is committed to carrying out tangible changes in order to ease the cost-of-living and correct social distortions," the prime minister said.
"I believe that the public dialogue that has developed, as well as the discussions of the Trajtenberg committee, will offer us a unique opportunity to implement genuine and responsible changes in this sphere," he continued.
Netanyahu expressed his commitment to act quickly "and maintain the correct balance between social sensitivity and responsible economics."
"This balance preserves the Israeli economy, the State of Israel, Israel’s people and the national welfare," he continued.
The prime minister also highlighted the need to have a strong economy that would not be blighted by the problems seen in other countries in Europe. "Only if we have an economy that does not slip, fall and collapse, as happened to several principal countries in Europe, only thus can we ease the cost-of-living and correct those distortions," he added. "We will do both: We will maintain the economy and we will correct what needs to be corrected."

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