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Arab Woman Who Gave Birth Saved in Israel

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When a young mother’s life was at risk after giving birth in a Palestinian Authority hospital, her doctors decided to transfer her to an Israeli hospital. There, her situation was stabilized.
The incident occurred last week. The 18 year old mother gave birth to twins at Rafidiyeh Hospital in Shechem. Her condition deteriorated and she was in a bad, "unstable" medical state.

Treatment at the PA hospital failed to stabilize her, and her doctors decided, with her family’s approval, to transfer her to an Israeli medical facility. She was evacuated to Wolfson Hospital in Holon. There, she was immediately transferred to the operating room in the Women’s Section where she came under the care of senior anesthesiologist Dr. Doron Gavish.

"In the course of the operation, much blood was found in the woman’s uterine cavity, and the sources of bleeding were sutured and cauterized," explained Prof. Oscar Sadan, Manager of the Maternity Ward at Wolfson. When bleeding ceased, she was taken to the Intensive Care Unit under Dr. Aryeh Sorotsky, where she remained until she was medically stabilized.

The young woman is still recovering in Wolfson Hospital.

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