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IDF acquires new long-range rockets

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Itongadol.- The IDF is equipping itself with Israel Military Industries’ (AKA Taas) Extra-type rockets, which have a range capability of 150 kilometers and which can hit targets within a ten-meter accuracy radius.

The augmentation of Israel\’s rocket arsenal comes as part of the country\’s preparations for the possibility of another future armed conflict in Lebanon with Hezbollah.

The new rocket, developed in the Givon factory, has a diameter of 30 centimeters, and is approximately 4 meters long. It can also carry a variety of warheads, which can weigh up to 120 kilograms. The new rocket will enable Israel to strike thousands of Hezbollah targets spread throughout in Lebanon, thereby aiding the Israel Air Force\’s (IAF) fighter planes in eliminating them.

The new rockets are also expected to allow the IDF to mitigate some of the heavy costs associated with aerial assault raids, such as the costs of flights and smart bombs. In addition, the new system is less vulnerable to Hezbollah rockets than planes.

The IDF’s evaluation that the next round of violence with Hezbollah will be conducted by way of an “aerial blow battle” has led it to equip the Artillery Corp with short-range rocket systems such as the Lance (“Romach” in Hebrew), which can reach distances of up to 40 kilometers. Due to their rapid rate of fire, these rocket systems can also neutralize a large number of targets in a fairly short space of time.

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